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Level 1 Sequence

"We are ancient beings living in this modern world."

Our bodies are built for this! With the right mindset, approach + process to the cold, it can make a world of difference.

Mindset Upgrades

1. The cold is not bad - it provides a lot of sensation and sensation is good because that means YOU ARE ALIVE.

2. The cold represents our fears + deepest insecurities, meaning the things we want to avoid. Begin to flex the muscle by learning to lean into discomfort.

3. There is no ego involved with the cold. Don't get caught up on going for the most time or to break a record - it could be dangerous to your health + the cold will humble you. Go inward on your journey, meet yourself where you are at + be proud for showing up.

The Surrender Experiment

Learn to accept the cold + see where you can begin to soften, relax, let go + release. This can be physical release - loosening the jaw, relaxing the tension in your shoulders or clenching your fists - or mentally pushing through the sensations.

Set an Intention

What is your why or purpose to Cold Plunge?


What is your desired state? To be more alert + energized for the remainder of the day? To recover from a hard workout?

Guided Sequence Video

When you're ready for your session, queue up this video + enjoy!

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