About Us

Heal the body + calm the mind on your journey towards health through our holistic Salt Therapy and Infrared Sauna modalities to find relaxation and Balance in your life. 

We're so glad you're here.

We are Balanced Healing Salt + Sauna, located in beautiful Casper, WY and Sheridan, WY. We are a small healing business that offers luxury private suites for Infrared Sauna and Salt Therapy.

Beach Meditation

Our Story

Our dream started in April 2020 amidst the beginnings of the COVID pandemic.


Tina had visited salt caves and Halotherapy studios around the country for years, and loved the idea of building one close to home.


Cassandra had done a lot of research about Infrared Saunas and wanted to experience the benefits for herself.


Tina and Cass had both been seeing Candace at TheraExpressions Meditation Studio for private sessions, who connected the two of us around our unique wellness modalities, and we opened our first studio in Casper on August 1, 2020!

Just a few months later, Cass decided to move to Sheridan and opened a studio there in March 2021.

Meet The Team

My health and wellness journey started 8 years ago when I couldn't get sufficient explanations or solutions around my health problems - stomach issues, mood swings, and even skin cancer. I didn't want a pill to fix the problem, I wanted direction on how to cultivate a healthier lifestyle, and better understand the effects of what I put in and on my body. This led me to realize that I had to take ownership of my life and health, and be the advocate that I was externally looking for. 

I began looking into different health modalities and became intrigued with infrared saunas - so much, in fact, that I set forth on a mission to build my very own infrared sauna in my home from scratch!

Since then, I have cultivated a lifestyle around self-care, health and wellness. I practice yoga and meditation, am a certified Aerial Yoga instructor, run, eat seasonally-local foods, and working on my Functional Nutrition Certificate.

My first experience in a Salt Room was 7 years ago.   I entered the  salt room, and exited 45 minutes later, hooked on HaloTherapy/Salt Therapy.  My sinuses were no longer stuffed up, I felt centered and relaxed, but yet so full of energy.    My skin also felt amazingly moisturized, which is hard to do in this dry wind prone mountain air.  I took every opportunity to seek out Salt Therapy whenever I visited a new city.  


For the past 2 years I have been on a path of self care and self realization.  This path for me includes daily yoga, meditation, reducing my sugar/carb intake.  I started slow, with just aerial yoga,  slowly adding a new modality when it made me feel uncomfortable!  I am now off 2 different prescription medications.  This journey has been priceless for me!  


I am so excited to help others enhance their health; the salt room is a perfect place to also enhance your meditation and yoga practice.  Or bring your book, or even take a nap.  We are here for you to begin and deepen your alternative health and self care.