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What is PEMF?

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy emits electromagnetic waves that mimic natural frequencies found in nature, stimulating + encouraging your body’s natural recovery process. The benefits of PEMF alone are out-of-this-world (literally, astronauts used it to recover from a debilitating space mission), but even more powerful when paired with infrared’s deeply penetrating heat + twenty pounds of healing crystals layered inside the mat, which produce negative ions (think: antioxidants in the air) when heated.

Infrared PEMF Mat

The Infrared PEMF Mat combines two powerful healing technologies to create the ultimate recovery tool. PEMF grounds you in earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat doubles your DOSE. Hit the mat to ease chronic pain, recover from workouts, deepen your meditations, or experience total-body relaxation. 

Get a DOSE of good vibrations. Experience a deeper sense of calm + enjoy the benefits of infrared heat without needing an intense sweat session.

Feel the long-term benefits of combining the power of infrared with the healing frequency of PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology. PEMF recharges your cells while leaving you relaxed, regrounded + rebalanced.

The mats are built with 20lbs of healing crystals + have a thick layer of 100% natural purple amethyst crystals in mesh fabric tubes across the entire mat.

Whether you deal with chronic pain, workout frequently, or just need a moment to relax, lying on our mat for even a couple of minutes a day (or whenever you need it) will help ease your mind + body from the inside out.

PEMF produces a grounding frequency similar to what's generated by the planet earth. So you can feel the healing benefits of nature right in our studio.

FAR INFRARED HEAT deeply penetrates the body + temporarily improves healing, increase circulation + quiets inflammation.


AMETHYST LAYER is a natural tranquilizer known to relieve stress/anxiety.

TOURMALINE LAYER increases mental alertness, temporarily improves circulation strengthens the immune system.

CHARCOAL LAYER binds to pollutants.

CLAY LAYER emits negative ions and is balancing for the heat.


CRYSTAL THERAPY The mats are built with a thick layer of 100% natural purple amethyst crystals in mesh fabric tubes across the entire mat. The amethyst + tourmaline layers provide an even deeper therapeutic DOSE of infrared.

Infrared PEMF  Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technologies in the Infrared PEMF Mat + how do they work?

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) sends electromagnetic waves through your body to help promote your body’s own recovery process. Unlike the harmful electromagnetic waves found in devices like x-ray machines + microwaves, PEMF waves are delivered in small bursts at a low-frequency, mimicking the same kind of electromagnetic waves you’d find in nature. The longer you use it – both over time and during your PEMF session – the more you will feel the long-term benefits.

The PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) technology used in the Mat is based on optimized frequency, intensity + wave type of synergy with the other therapies which are part of the mat design; Far Infrared Therapy, Negative Ion Therapy, and Crystal Therapy

HigherDOSE Far Infrared Heat, deeply penetrates the body to promote healing, increase circulation + quiet inflammation. Our infrared devices are low EMF + encourage whole-body relaxation.


Who should use this device?

The Infrared PEMF Mat is literally for every body. Whether you deal with chronic pain, workout frequently (and intensely), or just need a moment to relax, lying on the Mat for even a couple of minutes a day (or whenever you need it) will help ease your mind + body from the inside out.

Perfect for people suffering from:
Minor muscle pain
Minor joint pain
Muscle spasms
Minor sprains // strains
Exercise-induced muscle tightness
Poor sleep

Are children allowed to use the mat?
The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. When using the PEMF mat with a child, we will set the mat at a lower temperature + for no more than 15 minutes at a time (one-minute per year of age for the child), with the child accompanied by an adult. Remember to keep you + your children hydrated, even if you don’t see them sweating.

Can I use the mat while pregnant?
Even though infrared is completely safe, it is not recommended to use while pregnant. While pregnant, the core body temperature is already elevated + you could overheat. However, we can turn off the Infrared portion of the mat + only run the PEMF, but it is advised to speak to your primary healthcare provider about this option.


Are there any contraindications for saunaInfrared PEMF Mat use?
If any of the below apply to you, consult your physician prior to mat use:

  • Cardiovascular Issues, Obesity or Diabetes – Individuals suffering from obesity or with a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory problems or diabetes should consult a physician prior to use. Heat stress increases cardiac output + blood flow in an effort to transfer internal body heat to the outside environment via the skin (perspiration) + respiratory system. This takes place primarily due to major changes in the heart rate, which has the potential to increase by thirty (30) beats per minute for each degree increase in core body temperature.


  • Medications – Individuals who are using prescription drugs should seek the advice of their personal physician since some medications may induce drowsiness, while others may affect heart rate, blood pressure + circulation. Diuretics, barbiturates + beta-blockers may impair the body’s natural heat loss mechanisms. Anticholinergics such as amitryptaline may inhibit sweating + can predispose individuals to heat rash or to a lesser extent, heat stroke. Some over-the-counter drugs, such as antihistamines, may also cause the body to be more prone to heat stroke.


  • Alcohol + Drug Abuse – Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to attempt to “sweat out” a hangover. Alcohol intoxication decreases a person’s judgment; therefore, he/she may not realize when the body has a negative reaction to high heat. Alcohol also increases the heart rate, which may be further increased by heat stress. The use of alcohol, drugs or medications prior to a mat session may lead to unconsciousness.


  • Elderly – The ability to maintain core body temperature decreases with age. This is primarily due to circulatory conditions + decreased sweat gland function. The body must be able to activate its natural cooling processes in order to maintain core body temperature. If elderly, operate at a lower temperature + for no more than 15 minutes at a time.


  • Children – The core body temperature of children rises much faster than adults. This occurs due to a higher metabolic rate per body mass, limited circulatory adaptation to increased cardiac demands + the inability to regulate body temperature by sweating. When using with a child, operate at a lower temperature + for no more than 15 minutes at a time.


  • Chronic Conditions / Diseases Associated With Reduced Ability To Sweat Or Perspire – Multiple Sclerosis, Central Nervous System Tumors + Diabetes with Neuropathy are conditions that are associated with impaired sweating. Consult a physician.


  • Hemophiliacs / Individuals Prone To Bleeding – The use of infrared should be avoided by anyone who is predisposed to bleeding.


  • Fever + Insensitivity to Heat – Individuals with insensitivity to heat or who have a fever should not use the mat until the fever subsides.


  • Pregnancy – Pregnant women should consult a physician before using infrared.


  • Menstruation – Heating of the low back area of women during the menstrual period may temporarily increase menstrual flow. This should not preclude mat use.


  • Joint Injury – Recent (acute) joint injury should not be heated for the first 48 hours or until the swollen symptoms subside. Joints that are chronically hot + swollen may respond poorly to vigorous heating of any kind.

  • Implants – Metal pins, rods, artificial joints or any other surgical implants generally reflect infrared waves + thus are not heated by this system. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician prior to using.


  • Pacemakers / Defibrillators – The magnets used to assemble our saunas can interrupt the pacing + inhibit the output of pacemakers. Please discuss with your doctor the possible risks this may cause.


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Monthly Plans

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Punch Passes

Buy Your Own Mat

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