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Sheridan Studio

Heal the body + calm the mind on your journey towards health through our holistic Salt Therapy + Infrared Sauna modalities.

909 Broadway St.



Located kitty-corner to the Historic Sheridan Inn, our relaxing space provides a calm + rejuvenating atmosphere to unwind + bring balance to your life.

Designed with privacy in mind, begin your session with a detoxifying sweat in our state-of-the-art Full-Spectrum Infrared Sauna. Once complete, step out of the sauna + into our Salt Therapy Area where you will find solace + relaxation as you clear your lungs + airways by inhaling salty air. 


Enjoyed from the privacy of your own luxury suite, find balance with your own session or share the experience with a loved one. Date Night sessions are also available.

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We are so grateful to share space + be in collaboration with Maven. If you have not yet received bodywork, energy work or coaching from these ladies, take it upon yourself to see what they've got to offer + improve your overall physical, spiritual + mental health.

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