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Valentine's Event

Balanced Healing + Maven are back with a Valentine's Event.

This 3-hour session includes:
- 1 hour Maven session
- 1 hour Salt + Sauna session
- Verdello Charcuterie Board
- Phylo Juice
+ more

These sessions are designed for individuals as well as couples.


All sessions will start at either 10am or 1pm. Review the breakdown below to help you choose the order in which you want your session to go.

If you choose a session 10am or 1pm in our system, your session will start with a massage from Maven, followed by the Salt + Sauna session. If you choose a session in the system at 11:30am or 2:30pm, you will start with a Salt + Sauna session + end with a massage from Maven.


Between sessions, you will have downtime to enjoy a light snack + fresh juice.

$250 per person.

$100 non-refundable deposit to book. Space is limited so reserve your spot now!

Gratuity at the time of service is greatly appreciated.

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