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Heal the body + calm the mind on your journey towards health through our holistic Salt Therapy and Infrared Sauna modalities to find relaxation and Balance in your life. 

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Infrared Sauna

An Infrared Sauna is a dry sauna that uses infrared heaters to emit infrared light experienced as radiant heat which is absorbed at different depths of the body.

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Salt Therapy

Halotherapy, (Halo is Greek for salt) also known as Dry Salt Therapy, is a holistic, drug free, natural approach to improving your health by emulating the micro-climate of a natural salt cave.

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Infrared PEMF Mat

The Infrared PEMF Mat combines two powerful healing technologies to create the ultimate recovery tool. PEMF grounds you in earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset, while Infrared’s deeply penetrating heat doubles your dose.

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