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COVID Update for Balanced Healing

Our studio will continue to stay open to provide our services at this time. 🙌 We are still 'By Appointment Only' so those interested in scheduling sessions with us will need book online or call the studio at 307.333.6333.

We wanted to take a moment to touch base on the processes and procedures we use at the studio to ensure peace of mind for all of our clients and friends. ❤️❤️❤️

🥰 By operating 'By Appointment Only', we can ensure time between sessions for cleaning and social distancing. 🥰

Below is a breakdown of the various cleaning processes and benefits our studio offers in helping to slow down the spread of viruses and illnesses.

✨We use a UV Light Wand on all surfaces and in the booths between sessions. UV light helps to sterilize and sanitize surfaces, and is said to have a deadly effect on microorganisms such as pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and others. ☀️☀️

✨Our Infrared Sauna booth is made from Eucalyptus wood, which has antimicrobial properties repels water and moisture. 💧 We also turn the sauna upwards of 155 degrees 🔥🔥 between sessions to help kill germs and bacteria, and use an all-natural, fragrance-free and non-toxic wood cleaner.

✨Himalayan sea salt provides many wonderful benefits. In addition to the many different vitamins and minerals found in this particular type of salt, it also has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that help to clean the lungs, sinuses and ambient air. 🌬

✨Staff also wears a mask while in the studio, and Clorox wipes are used in common areas between sessions. 😷

We're here for you, Casper, and appreciate your continued support.

With love,

Tina and Cass

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