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I Accept Myself Wholly and Unconditionally

✨️Affirmation for the Week of October 17th✨️

💕 I accept myself wholly and unconditionally 💕

Who else needed to hear this? 🙋‍♀️

Sometimes I get really hard on myself - for not being where I "should" be in life, for not working 24/7, for not calling my family enough.

But for me, those moments shed light on the "shoulds" or obligations that myself or others place + take me out of the moment of what I truly want or need.

Isn't that clarity a form of acceptance + self-love?

To check in + give yourself permission to do whatever it is that you want or need in that moment?

To rest instead of push through.

To set boundaries.

To call when that person crosses your mind.

Ponder these questions:

🌿 What are the things I dislike about myself that I cannot change?

🌿 How can I practice self-acceptance starting today?

🗣We want to hear from you 🗣

Share with us how you practiced self-acceptance this week. 🥰

With Love,

Cass 💕


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