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Salt Therapy for Wildfire Smoke

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

The temps keep rising, and it's dry, dry dry. Summer storms continue to roll in with more lightning than rain, causing wildfires across our state and region.

Smoke from wildfires cause various problems for those with existing respiratory issues, such as asthma, allergies and COPD, because the smoke contains particles that can irritate eyes, throat and lungs.

Typical symptoms may include:

  • Difficulty breathing normally

  • Cough with or without mucus

  • Chest discomfort

  • Wheezing and shortness of breath

  • Seasonal allergies and increased pollen made worse by smoke

  • Particulate matter (PM) - extremely small particles or droplets of pollution in the air are inhaled, making respiratory symptoms worse

Particulate-laden smoke can also worsen cardiac disease. "Inhaled particles trigger the release of chemical messengers into the blood that may increase the risk of blood clots, angina episodes, heart attacks and strokes. People with chronic cardiac conditions are more susceptible to chest pain, heart attacks, cardiac arrhythmias, acute congestive heart failure or stroke."

Salt Therapy for Wildfire Smoke

Using Dry Salt Therapy can help to open your air ways and lungs so you can breathe better. It also helps to remove mucus and phlegm from the respiratory system, which collects particulate matter, pollen and other allergens.

The concept is similar to using a Neti pot, however this is a dry therapy instead of using water, which allows the salt to go deeper into your respiratory system and lungs.

Beat the Heat

Our Salt Room's maintain a nice, cool temperature, to replicate the feeling of a salt cave. If you are looking for a place to cool down and relax, then beat the heat with us!



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