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Should I sauna this summer?

Hello friends!

We have had a lot of people start to ask questions around using the sauna during the summer, and so we wanted to go a little more in-depth on this subject and shed some light on the importance of continuing sauna use (even when it's HOTTTTT outside).

We get it....the last thing that sounds fun on a hot, summer day is to sit in a hot sauna.

But what if we told you there are SO MANY health benefits to doing so (in addition to acclimating your body to sweating easier when you're outside so you can actually enjoy the nice weather).

Do you do or experience any of the following on any given summer day: - Overheat when you're outside - Use a lot of body care products or sunscreen - Swim in the city pool - Drink more beverages than just water - Live or work in an air-conditioned space

- More injury-prone playing softball or wake boarding

If so, then you may have a more difficult time regulating your body temperature when it rises, causing you to not sweat at all but suffer from the heat, sweat profusely and simply just feel miserable anytime you're outside.

If you have come in to one of our location's before, then you know that the sauna emits Near, Mid and Far infrared wavelengths just like the sun does (except the damaging UV wavelengths), and so it only makes sense that you could just sit outside and get the same benefits that you would from the sauna, right?

Sorry friends, but the answer is no.

You see, we can actually control the different wavelengths and customize an experience for you (plus, you won't damage the skin from tanning/burning). This means that we can specifically focus on any particular area of concern for you, be that pain relief, detoxification, cardiovascular health, etc.

This is the most important point we are trying to make here - THE WAVELENGTHS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE HEAT ITSELF. That means that you don't have to sweat like crazy to receive the benefits.

This is huge.

Here are just some of the benefits you can receive from using a sauna:

Sweat Activation - The body regulates temperature through sweating, so if you have blockages i.e. toxins in the skin and body, it may be more difficult for you to sweat and cool down during the summer months.

Pain Relief - Summer is the time where we are most active and prone to injuries, whether that's through playing with the kids or yard work. Sitting in a sauna will help relieve achy muscles and joints.

Skin Health - Sweating also helps to clear out impurities that rest on the skin, such as chlorine from pools and sunscreen chemicals. This can leave you with glowingly soft skin!

Feels like a Day in the Sun - Don't have time to lounge by the pool or want to feel like you were out in the sun without the damage from UV? Try sitting just 30 minutes in an infrared sauna!

Mood Booster - Studies show that the heat of a sauna has the same effect on your body as a mini workout. Endorphins are released, giving you a jolt of fresh energy.

Stress Reducer - Escaping to the quiet and calm of a sauna helps to lift the burdens of the chaotic day. Take a deep breath and let the heat do all the work.

Athletic Training - Running a marathon this summer, or just beginning a new training program? The sauna helps acclimate the body to higher heat, which better prepares you for a hot or humid race day. The high heat also increases production of red blood cells giving you more energy and oxygen for a longer and harder workout.

Weight Loss - A recent study showed that a client lost nearly 600 calories during just one 30-minute sauna session!

We know it sounds counter-intuitive, but trust us when we say there are so many great benefits to continuing sauna use during the summer outside of just sweating.

Get ahead of the heat this summer by booking a session now!

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