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Can Dry Salt Therapy Help with Post-COVID Syndrome?

Do you or someone you know have the lingering cough, fatigue, brain fog or shortness of breath after-effects of having had COVID?

Here at Balanced Healing, we have noticed a significant increase in clients coming in to find relief from COVID, which at this point has been coined Long Haulers COVID or Post-COVID Syndrome.

Breathing issues after COVID-19

A bad case of COVID-19 can produce scarring and other permanent problems in the lungs, but even mild infections can cause persistent shortness of breath — getting winded easily after even light exertion.

Lung recovery after COVID-19 is possible, but takes time. Experts say it can take months for a person’s lung function to return to pre-COVID-19 levels. Dry Salt Therapy can help.

Stated in the article titled, The Importance of Halotherapy in the Treatment of COVID-19 Related Diseases, "Halotherapy, or Dry Salt Therapy, which is a treatment method applying by be delivered a fine powder to the upper part of the lower respiratory tract of a person, is a natural and reliable therapy method for respiratory infections, asthma, allergic and chronic bronchitis, colds, pharyngitis, rhinitis, tonsillitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and various skin diseases. Dry Salt Therapy has an important place in alternative medicine. Many studies have been carried out on the benefit of Halotherapy, which is considered both Salt Therapy and Cave Therapy, in chronic respiratory diseases. In this context, it is considered that Halotherapy can be useful in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases of individuals with COVID-19 disease in our study based on these studies. Also, scientific studies are recommended treating patients with COVID-19 in areas where salt therapy and speleotherapy are involved in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases."

Additionally, Erin Lee, a Heat Experience & Halotherapy Consultant of the World Halotherapy Association, shared an article last year titled Halotherapy - Worth its Salt in Post Covid-19 Recovery stating, "Halotherapy is being used as a successful post Covid-19 recovery treatment."

If you are looking for relief and Healing, then reach out to us and see if Dry Salt Therapy would benefit you.

It is worth noting that everyone and every situation is unique, and while you may find a reprieve after one session, additional sessions may be recommended (especially if we are working with long-term or chronic respiratory issues). If this is the case, we would love to discuss all of the options available to you to get the most Healing throughout your experience.

Sessions can be booked online, or feel free to call/text 307.333.6333.

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