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Cass' Magical Solo Trip to Envision Festival in Costa Rica

Hello friends!

I hope you are well. As I'm sure you have heard, I recently returned from a wild + magical trip to Costa Rica, so I wanted to put something together to tell you about it.

It was all of the things, a full-spectrum experience.

📸 Kallyn Clark

I spontaneously applied + was approved for a work exchange program for a week-long jungle music festival called Envision. In exchange for paying for a ticket upfront + volunteering, we were given food vouchers for our work + a free camp spot on site, and once our obligation was fulfilled, we received our ticket purchase refund.

I ended up camping in the jungle for 9 nights, which was tough from sunrise to sunset because of the heat + humidity.

There were so many aspects of this event I loved - the incredible amount of workshops from various healers, performers + practitioners in their fields, a wide range of dj's and music sets, the ocean + all of the jungle's spectacular foliage and animals, breathtaking sunsets, fresh + nourishing foods, beautiful souls from every corner of the world, the Sacred Tree, my post-event R+R Retreat stay with a complete group of strangers - the list goes on.

I also went through my share of struggles with this experience, from the temperatures + humidity, to various ego struggles, over-stimulation from being around 10,000 people, dodging the sun + lack of a quiet space, judgement, personal insecurities + more. I'm also upset that I wasn't able to get more pictures of my experience, as neither of my SIM cards wanted to work + with the humidity, I frequently had issues charging my phone at all (ahhh, just another area of surrender + acceptance).

While I do not go into a lot of detail or specifics about my trip in the podcast (although I hope to unravel more of these ideas + bring them forth through storytelling in the future), I share vulnerable thoughts + feelings I had to navigate throughout the event + even more of what I had to face when I got home, so thank you for in advance for your compassion + for listening.

All I can hope for is that by me sharing my thoughts + experiences, that we can all live more fully through integrity with ourselves + each other, talk about the hard stuff, cheer each other on through the good + live our best and most joyful lives.

I love + appreciate you, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Cass xoxo

PS - the recording isn't perfect, but neither am I. While you can hear my microphone rubbing up against my jacket on my walk, this is me giving myself permission to see this thru + put out this episode, instead of fulfilling my perfectionist desire to tinker + fix, which often leaves me not finishing my projects at all. Thank you for listening beyond the noise 🫶

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