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The Purpose of Life is Joy

Hello friends!

It's Cass, and I've got another episode that I recorded - a sort of spin off to my first one, called "Follow Your Envy".

This process has already been so fascinating to me. I'm sure I'm not the only one, but I have thoughts and dialogs in my head all of the time. Many I find to be profound, but that are quickly stacked under the next thoughts and soon, gone with the wind altogether.

This process of actually verbalizing these thoughts has been interesting. It's interesting to slow down those thoughts, hear my voice, hear my thoughts or feelings articulated back to me (from me!), and the back end process of transcribing, uploading etc.

I know that it is not perfect, but that has been the place that I have stopped myself so many times before, so I'm proud of myself for getting out of my own way, not caring if it's perfect, being vulnerable, sharing what's on my heart and not caring what others will think.

I also figured out how to get the episode on Spotify! 🙌

Below is the transcript if you would prefer to read. My own inner critic definitely prefers my written word over the transcription of my recordings (I am admitting that my growth points include removing "um", "like" and others fillers) but that's how we practice and build the muscle right?!

Anyway, thanks for your support, and for holding space for me to learn more about myself, and continue my Investigative deep dive of life through trials and errors, as my Human Design Profile 1/3 so loudly puts it.

I would love to hear your thoughts and to connect with you.

In love + wellness,


Okay, good morning. It's Sunday, I've been sitting here obsessively going through all of the new material from my human design coursework, the gene keys, diving deeper into my own astrology.

So I'm so grateful that I committed to this pathway because it came ironically at the perfect time from a deep, deep devotion to myself and would transpire into a needing, or this level of support, so it's funny that I'm here and that this is exactly the medicine that I was needing for the commitment that I made to it. So yeah, it's been a process to go through all of this.

It's so validating to hear somebody articulate the things that I know to be true about myself, or the things that I questioned or judged, so I've really enjoyed this process and I'm excited to continue the deep dive, of not only learning this for myself, but eventually wanting to bring my flavor of this out into the world to help others to validate who we are - who we are individually and collectively - and also start that deconditioning process of who we're not and who we were told we were supposed to be and seeing where those dis-alignments come in, to where we can share that and get to be our highest and truest expressions of love and truth and light and what our souls came here to do, and our purpose and what brings us joy.

So this is going to be I guess, just another little conversation. I'm trying to treat this as kind of my personal diary that I guess will come out because it's not anything that I want to project onto people, but this is just the internal conversations and dialogues that I tend to have with myself, and are the downloads that I receive from a higher consciousness. So, this is what I believe to be true and this is through the lens of my own experience. And it's just a way for me to process these things in a different way, and to play and flex a muscle that I'm not totally accustomed to using in this way. These conversations and dialogues and downloads, they all come through usually just in my mind (so you're gonna get a glimpse of what that looks like), and so I'm going to be able to hear myself process through these things. It's interesting to observe it in that way because a lot of them are fleeting moments, are fleeting thoughts, and then they kind of go away with the breeze and so it's gonna be interesting to actually work through these thoughts and processes, and have something tangible on the other side that I can sit with and come back to and reflect on.

So yeah, this is a version of me playing and trying to approach this with fun and curiosity, and just seeing where it goes. So welcome, and hopefully, you enjoy the ride.

So, this is kind of to go off a little bit of the last conversation that I had was, which was following your envy. I don't know that the word envy resonates with everybody, and I think that it can be looked through a particular lens in terms of observing areas that you may want to embody different things in your life, or you have deeper desires for, but I think another fun lens to look through is the lens of joy.

I think that love and joy are two of the highest frequencies that we can experience here, and I believe them to be aligned with a divine frequency or Christ consciousness, and so they're powerful. Following your joy, following your envy, I think it's something that I personally have had glimpses of experiencing through other people that are experiencing their own joy. And I think that it's incredible - makes me emotional just thinking about it.

It's so beautiful to see people express a deep level of self-love and self-worth through something which they love to do so much. I think it's an opportunity for humans in this human experience to actually get to experience, or observe, or even feel, what that true essence of that joy and that love from God, or Source, or Universe, or the Divine can actually feel like, through that download or that channel of that God consciousness or that divine frequency through which that person is doing the thing that they love.

So to break that down a little bit, I often think of it like through music, as I have always had a deep, resonant connection to music. It moves me to tears every day, in some way or another. And if you take a moment here to think about that, and think about a really impactful song, or video, or concert, or show that you've seen that brought you so much joy because of the joy that was resonating from that musician, or that group, or that band. I'm thinking about how attuned they were, not only instrumentally, but collectively, or even just a solo musician is, but thinking of how, in the moment and present they were with their song, and playing that instrument, or how much joy they were radiating. Maybe they were dancing around the stage, and screaming and singing from the rooftops, and they were engaging with the crowd, and you were singing back to them, and you were all singing together, and it was a moment of peer connection and it's something that you never forgot.

I think that that's a glimpse into the eyes of God.

I recently listened to an episode on the Almost 30 Podcast, and it started with a little Morning Microdose episode, on there that talked about some lady that realized that her purpose was to be in her joy, and in this moment in her life, it is to dance, and that her purpose is to be in her joy and let others see her in her joy.

And holy shit man, that I think that's the nugget. I think that's the thing. I think that people who radiate out, and are the conduit of that divine consciousness and that divine frequency, and radiate their love and joy out to the world through that which they love to do is such a gift.

I think that I'm still in an emotional place about this because it can be tough, and vulnerable and scary, but it's when you get to that unwavering place, and that place of not giving a shit about what anybody else thinks, and getting out of your own way, and just going on to the dance floor and moving your body in the way that feels the best, and it lighting you up. Doing the thing that you love, whatever it is, that you love, and just allowing yourself to do that because it brings you joy, and through that over abundance of joy and love that you have for yourself, and being connected to the thing that you love doing, allowing that to outpour out to others, I think is the true gift, and the whole fucking point of why we're here.

I know that for myself, I've been allowing myself to be in joy, and I'm also learning a lot about myself, like I said, through the gene keys, and human design, and my astrology, and all of these other things. I am at a point in my life where my relationship ended because I committed to myself and to this Work in what is going to bring me joy, and when you throw everything to the wind, all you have is yourself. So why not just do the thing that brings you joy, and lights you up? Because that outpouring of that love and joy is going to attract more love and more joy.

I can't even begin to comprehend the depth of gratitude that I have for the people that I have in my life, and that I get to share that resonant frequency or those frequencies with humans that lift me up into that frequency or I lift them up into that frequency, but that we can share that space together. And that is becoming my new existence and my new standard or normalcy, is to be in love and to be in joy. And it feels so good to be here and to choose this. And it is a choice that you can make too, and it is a constant practice because I am not always in those frequencies. I will humbly admit that

But I wouldn't want to be anywhere else at this point in my life. And I love nothing more than being somebody else's number one fan in whatever it is that brings them joy, because you raise that frequency of love and joy, and there's a sense of validation in that. And I think that if you are attuned to love and joy, and somebody puts something out that they love or brings them joy, and you reaffirm that by cheering that person on for what it is they are doing, and loving them in their essence of their love and joy, that that is the God consciousness or the divine, communicating through you to reaffirm to that person that they are on the right track and they're supposed to be doing what they're doing.

And what a blessing is that? That in that moment, you could see that person's love and joy, and you could be the conduit through which God gets to communicate with that person to validate them in what they're doing.

When somebody makes a post on social media, they are wanting validation and support for something that is important to them, and they are putting it out there because they're seeking connection, and wanting to be heard, and seen, and felt, and understood. And what a gift to be able to do that for them because it is a very vulnerable place. When you begin to share your writings, or your songs, or your poetry, or your voice, or your thoughts, or your services, or your beliefs, or your art, or your dance, because that is a direct reflection of you in your essence in some capacity.

And so why not cheer people on. If you are attuned to the frequency of love and joy, there is no bottom to that well of energy and frequency, and you will be replenished tenfold. If you are present, and you give out that love and joy that people are seeking, to lift each other up - to say, "I see you, sis, and I got you, and I support you, and I love you, and you fucking got this." I think it's beautiful, and I think the world could use a lot more of that right now.

But it's also a choice. And when I say it's a practice, it is a practice. It comes with starting to observe your emotional state, and your frequencies, and your judgments of other people. Maybe judgment is the gatekeeper to what you're truly envious of about that person, which circles back to the follow your envy recording that I did. Maybe judgment is coming from the fact that you are envious of their confidence, and their radiance, and that joy, the genuine joy that they feel in their life, and not giving a shit about what other people think. Who cares?

I don't know how to dance, but moving my body, and dancing with my friends brings me so much joy that you could absolutely perceive that as confidence. But I don't know what I'm doing, I'm just shaking my tail feathers and living my best life in that moment.

So just begin to observe your emotional state, and maybe where you can fluff somebody else's feathers and make them feel good. Or you can start being vulnerable, or you can start leaning more authentically into what brings you joy, and start to put that out to the world without any expectations of any monetary gain, or any sort of approval of who will see it, or out of fear of it being judged.

What is your authentic expression? What can that look like for you to bring you into more joy of what you want in this life?

Because I know when I'm in a room full of people, full of joy, that are inspiring each other, and lifting each other up, and dreaming and scheming, and brainstorming ideas, and giving each other personal support and professional support, and networking, and laughing, and spreading love, and holding hands, and hugging, and cheering each other on - there is no where else that I would rather be. And it's also the only thing that I could ever want for everybody else to be able to experience.

So I guess it's just a matter of giving yourself permission to follow your envy or to do the thing that brings you joy, because I feel like that is everybody's purpose and you owe the world at least that much - to be in joy, to be happy, to be in the frequency of love.

I kind of think that's all that I have. But I did another fun little thing and I pulled an Oracle Card for this conversation, just to see what was gonna come through, which I thought would be fun because I've never done that before, in this context anyways, and so I pulled an Oracle Card from the Sacred Forest Oracle Deck. It's so beautiful and magical. And I pulled card 49, Wise Woman of the Grove, which is Grace and it says, "The Wise Woman of the Grove steps forward and hands you an intricately carved wooden box. 'This is my gift to you, guard it well.' With care, you open the box. Inside rests a perfect Ruby. It sparkles in the light. 'This is a Joy Activator 'she says. 'Hold it to your heart, and all around you, in all directions, all beings will relax and find joy in the moment. Joy is the great gift that you can give another. It is the gift of Grace."

I thought that was just the sweetest little treat. It goes on to say some other stuff, but if that is not aligned with this little thought-dump, then I don't know what is.

So I just invite you to find what it is that brings you joy today. And put it out to the world, and be present, to not only receive all of the love and joy that you're going to get back for that, but through that presence, also begin to observe other places that people are embodying their joy, and be their number one fan for that, and be your number one fan too. And if we're all everybody's number one fans, and we're all living in our joy, then there's no other frequency that can exist. It's just joy.

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