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Cass' Solo Trip to Zion

In March, I went on a solo truck-camping trip to Zion National Park. It is normal for me to go on a solo trip this time of year + has been for many years, but it had become routine. For the last three years, I had gone to the Canyonlands outside of Moab - same drive, same stops, same itinerary, same campsites.

After getting into the new year, I began to feel the itch for this trip + the need for a break away from the cold weather. But business was thriving, so I began to question whether or not I could allot that amount of time away from the studio.

I went back + forth on this decision until I started booking into March, so I pulled the trigger + put it on the schedule. Again, I went into autopilot + day dreamed of hot hikes + campfires under the tall red walls.

But then it got me thinking - where else have I wanted to travel to? If I'm going to take the time away from work + hold steadfast to my commitment to the outdoors + adventure, what new place did I want to see?

Zion instantly came to mind.

This was both nerve-wracking + exciting for me, because it had been so long since I had gone somewhere new, that I had to do the deep dive of research to not only get the most out of the trip, but know where I could legally truck-camp, gas up, buy food + more. I was also nervous because I am not normally a person confined to trails + campsites, as this trip was panning out to be.

The day before I left, a huge snow storm blew across the country, which made me reconsider the trip altogether. Did I want to truck camp in the middle of a snow storm for the next week? No. Did I want to fight with maintaining a fire in the wet conditions? Not really. Did I want to freeze my butt off in the back of my truck the entire trip? Definitely not. I almost considered canceling the trip altogether.

But then I saw my snowboard in the back of my truck + it got me thinking - what if I stayed in a few more hotels + threw in my bathing suit, my snowboard + a few extra layers in between? So I beefed up my travel bag + off I went.

To say that the trip was more magical than I could have ever planned myself is an understatement. I focused on the Journey + went with the flow (instead of making the 14-hour drive in the first day + sticking to the itinerary), which allowed me to pack in more adventure along the way that I could have easily driven by.

I took my time, took in the sights, asked locals about must-sees + area stops, prioritized delicious restaurants + selected hotels with hot tubs + king sized beds. I took a day to snowboard the heck out of Brian Head Ski Resort, took a few days to hike the well-known trails in Zion National Park, set up camp under the stars + made a pit stop at the best mineral hot springs resort. I filled my cup through disconnecting from life + reconnecting to nature + myself. I am so proud.

This is your sign to commit to something you love + something special to you. Do not waver from this commitment. Hold it close + make it a priority. This becomes a non-negotiable. Mark it on the calendar + set it in stone. Take yourself on that date to see the sight or experience the thing. Start the project or set that goal. Challenge yourself. Whatever it is that lights you up, do that. You are worth it + I can promise you that you will be so proud of yourself when you see it through.

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